Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TUES. 8.30 LINE: Contour

Govinda Taskey

Lilly Valencia
Class began with a review of Gesture Drawing.  These drawings were executed by making three drawings of the same object (shoe) one on top of the other. They illustrate the cage-like quality in Gesture that creates a structural sense of volume. After a few Gesture warm-ups, we moved onto Contour Line Drawing.
Ashley Hurd

Oscar Mendoza
 Contour Line Drawing is a slow, single, incisive line that defines interior volumes as well as exterior volumes.  This is not "outlining".  Outlines only define the outside edges of objects (exterior volumes). Contour lines may define changes in structure, weight, color and texture.  Note in Ashley's drawing above how she draws lighter lines to identify shadows and highlights especially on the curled, butter knives. She also makes great use of larger and smaller objects as well as swooping and dynamic angles.
Oscar's drawing also balances larger and smaller shapes while exhibiting strong use of accenting his line work.

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