Friday, August 26, 2011

THURS. 8/25 LINE: Gesture Drawing

Class began with a lecture on Gesture Drawing. Gesture Drawing is the all encompassing, quick and spontaneous rendering of the artist's subject. Gesture drawings capture the general sense or essence of the subject rather than copying or capturing details. We discussed the individual techniques of Line Gesture, Mass Gesture, Scribble Gesture and the combining of techniques.
Kimberly Sawyer
Kimberly's drawing is a great example of the all encompassing, twisting and twirling line work indicative of the Scribble Gesture technique.  Note how the massing of lines creating dark areas adds weight and mass to the gourd while also suggesting a sense of light.
Debbie Bazsuly
 The Mass technique utilizes broad, sweeping strokes with the charcoal.  This drawing too has a sense of weight as well as suggesting light striking the form.
Jamie Shine
 When combining techniques, a greater sense of volume is achieved.  The Line technique provides structure whereas the Mass technique adds weight.
Danielle Bazsuly
Debbie's drawing also combines gestural techniques.  Notice how allowing the broad, tonal sweeps of charcoal to go outside of the lines brings a sense of atmosphere and place to the image.  It is no longer gourds drawn on a piece of blank paper but rather a fuller image with an environment and greater sense of weight starts to appear.

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