Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/27 Value Patterns: Four Divisions of Value

On Monday, students made drawings from a still life on paper they hand-toned to a midpoint value.  The objective was to create a rhythm and movement by observing and separating the values within the design.  Once this was established students rendered the objects more dimensionally by employing gradations.
This drawing by Phillip Boutz exhibits a clarity and a strong sense of light.  This is due to the sparing use of contrasting white forms and black shadows with most of the values falling within the gray tones.
Autumn La Rue has created a striking and dynamic composition by cropping the forms and engaging with all four sides of the picture plane. The tilted and arcing shapes coupled with repeating values maintains an energy that pushes the "eye" from one location to another.
Like Autumn's drawing above, Tyler Martinez has also cropped his composition while adding a very weathered and atmospheric quality to the image.  This is achieved by his textural use with the eraser.   The swooping, angled and arcing forms drop and push the "eye" along the composition similar to the rolling action of a ball inside a pachinko machine.

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