Saturday, September 18, 2010

9/17 (Friday) Imaginary Face and Value Reduction

The morning session began with a slide presentation on the various methods and applications of Value; followed by a brief presentation on some late portraits made by Pablo Picasso.  The project, inspired by the portraits by Picasso, was to divide and cover the picture plane with large open shapes resembling a face seen from multiple viewpoints.  Values and textures were then applied to the shapes using charcoal materials and erasers. Drawings by Jennifer Garcia and Matthias Linford.
In the afternoon, we continued working on value studies.  This next project is called Value Reduction.  All values located in the still life ranging from 1-5 are rendered white, all values 6-10 are rendered black.  The resulting drawing is a flattened, abstract image with a merging of the positive and negative areas. Drawings by Stazi Borissenko, Nancy Rubio and Monica Gomez.

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