Friday, August 27, 2010

8/25 Bone Studies

Wednesday Night's class focused on applying some of the concepts addressed with the Gesture and Contour Drawings towards longer studies.  The class worked from bones.  The goal was to address the contours of the bones as well as the negative space within and around the bones.

This drawing by Eduardo Barrera exhibits a strong sense of mass with heavy accenting in the negative areas.
La Lovan's drawing also has a strong sense of mass while exhibiting bold contours and a sense of light and texture achieved by employing reductive drawing with the eraser.
Travis Gilbert's drawing is a good example of tonal drawing with nearly a complete absence of line.  Edges are created by juxtaposing lighter tonalities against darker tones.
Taylor Bihn's drawing is a great example of line and tone working together.  Note the thick and thin swelling of the line combined with a subtle use of gradations.
The beauty of Adam Bollman's drawing lies within his composition.  Note the way the bone is cropped, dividing the negative space.  This drawing exhibits a very good balance between positive and negative areas.

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