Thursday, August 19, 2010

6/18 Gesture

The M/W class began its investigations of Line with Gesture Drawing.  Gesture is the all encompassing, quick and spontaneous rendering of the artist's subject.  Gesture drawings are NOT about capturing realism and details.  Gesture drawings should exhibit energy through rephrasing edges and contours  multiple times and drawing the forms as though they were transparent.  We discussed the four primary gestural techniques of Line Gesture, Mass Gesture, Scribble Gesture and Mass and Line Gestures combined.
First we began with Cross-Contour drawings to create a sense of volume with a limited amount of information.  Notice the absence of outside contours as well as the accenting in the line (dark to light transitions) to suggest weight and a shadow side.

Next we made Continuous Line Drawings.  These drawings should consist of one, single, long, continuous line from start to finish.  It is a searching line that records the path of the eyes of the artist.

Then we made Scribble Gesture Drawings.  These drawings should capture a sense of volume through overlapping, scribbled lines that suggest weight and possibly a sense of light. Drawings by Autumn La Rue, Dillon Cimino and Allen Girion respectively.
We concluded the evening with Mass and Line combinations. These drawings should address structure through line while producing weight and light through mass. Drawing by Jesus Neri-Martinez.

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