Monday, June 28, 2010


Include the following in your portfolio.  Remember that drawings need to be spray fixed and presented in a large tote folder or hard bound portfolio (may be hand made). Drawings should be flat and free of tears, smudges and folds.

1. gestures (gourds, shoes)
2. contours (tools)
3. Ideal Solids (geometric shapes)
4. Composing Ideal Solids
5. Proportions ( bottles and milk cartons)
6. Value Reduction (high contrast black and white)
7. Value Patterns (hand toned paper)
8. Value and Form (mugs and bottles)
9. Imaginary Space ( Final Project)
All homework (optional for "A" grade.  Homework must be of high quality. Merely completing the assignments does not guarantee an "A" grade.

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