Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29 Linear Perspective: Imaginary Space

Today we discussed Linear Perspective with an emphasis on Two-Point Linear Perspective because it is generally the most common situation encountered.  In a nut shell, the rule of perspective is that all lines that are parallel to one another will appear to converge and meet at vanishing points located on the horizon line (eye level). Looking at the drawing above, most of  the diagonals on the left side will converge towards the left vanishing point and diagonals on the right side will meet at the right vanishing point.  The horizon line on this drawing is located at the center of the page.  Notice that diagonals below the horizon line converge upward while diagonals above the horizon line converge downward. 
This is the last project with me before Machiko Kondo takes over the class.  We will continue working on this drawing Wed. & Thurs. at which time it too will go in the portfolio for evaluating. 

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