Friday, February 5, 2010

2/3 Proportions

Wednesday evening we started our discussion on "Proportions and Sighting".  Sighting is the technique of taking measurements and comparing size relationships. For rendering proportions, I introduced the concept of organizational line drawing. This method is similar to gesture in that you start with rendering the largest shapes and work towards the specifics.  When working with complex forms it is helpful to try and identify simpler forms within, such as our Ideal Solids. For example, a bottle is composed of three shapes: 1. a cylinder (the body) 2. a cone (the shoulders) 3. another cylinder (the neck). Notice in Elaine Gutsch's drawing above how she started with a central axis line because the body of the teapot is symmetrical.  From there it is a matter of working with stacked cylinders, a cone, at the bottom and middle, and ellipses.  We also practiced applying the categories of light to the objects. Coffee decanter drawing by Cameron Belvedere.

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