Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Compositional Space: Division of the Field

Tuesday evening we discussed compositional strategies for dividing up the "field" aka "picture plane".  The lecture addressed relationships of "figure/ ground", left/right and top/bottom.  After reviewing slides of images exhibiting the various strategies, often employing multiple strategies in one image, students made "sketchbook" drawings of their own.  The assignment was to go around the classroom and Analy Hall looking for areas to draw using the compositional strategies discussed in the lecture. The objective was to look for relationships, patterns and extraordinary points of view.  In other words, "Make Something Out of Nothing".  Students were encouraged to draw from under tables, lying down and sitting on furniture.  In addition to vantage point, students were asked to pay attention to their mark-making technique and style as well as suggesting a sense of "narrative".   The student drawing above employs a right to left dominance.

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