Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Portfolios are due next Tuesday, October 13.  The class will work on a composition while I speak one-on-one with each student regarding the work completed in class to date.  Portfolios should include the list that follows, "nothing more, nothing less".  Each drawing should be removed from the drawing pad prior to our meeting.  Drawings will have been rendered with various drawing materials on newsprint as well as the drawing pad. (Subjects are listed in parentheses).
1. Continuous Line (gourds)
2. Gesture (gourds)
3. Oranizational Line "Proportions" (milk cartons, bottles, paint cans)
4. Contour (various tools)
5. Composition (forms from nature: plants, bones, etc.)
6. Value Patterns (paper w/holes cut out)
7. Four Divisions of Value (hand-toned paper, metal objects: water pales, chicken feeders, etc.)
8. Single Directional Hatch (bottles, etc.)
9. Modeling (mugs)
10. Perspective (imaginary space)
11. Drapery

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