Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drapery Study

Tuesday night began with a critique of the last couple of weeks efforts in Two Point Linear Perspective and developing  an imaginary space.  After the crit, we drew a drapery study using charcoal.  The key to drawing drapery is twofold 1. All folds originate from a single point such as a pin holding the fabric to the wall.  2. All folds have three planes (sides): a front, a top and a bottom or a front and a left side and a right side. Drapery studies should start as a contour drawing with lines emanating from the source (i.e. the pin in the wall).  Next apply dark shadows.  Emphasize lines on dark side of folds and spread the line into the shadows.  The drawing here is actually from last Spring's Art 7A class.  Note the technique for rendering volume.  The planes of the fabric are drawn by using short, parallel hatches that follow the cross contours of the folds.

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