Tuesday, May 9, 2017

PORTRAITS : The Andrew Loomis Method


For our second attempt at portrait drawing, we employed the methods of illustrator Andrew Loomis. Starting with a sphere, locating the length between brow and nose and then establishing the remaining two-thirds of the proportions before addressing the contours and features. Both drawings exhibit a large scale portrait well proportioned to the dimensions of the paper. The planes of the face have been well addressed and value has aided in locating their placement. Diana's drawing skillfully illustrates how the hair sets over the head like a hat. Jill has created a very soft drawing emphasizing the the eyes, gently balanced with the shadow under the chin wrapping around behind the ear.


  1. I find it difficult to believe either one of these people used the Loomis Method, since the Loomis method is designed to ensure the correct placement of the features. You use the Loomis method to avoid having drawings where the eyes are located three-quarters the way up the face.

  2. I agree, these do not look like the loomis method at all. The eyes are drawn on flat planes, the heads look like they were pressed out by an iron. The loomis method gives things a three dimensional shape, along with proper measurements. If proper measurements were made, there would be physically no reason for the features to be as incorrect as they are.

  3. Andrew Loomis be rolling in his grave

  4. jesus there are absolutely 0 proportions
    i will see this in nightmares