Tuesday, April 4, 2017






Last night the class made drawings within a circular format (aka Tondo). The tondo introduces a number of effects on compositional balance. 1. It changes the speed and flow around the border. 2. It creates interesting negative areas. 3. It has the potential to draw the viewer into the space or suggest a "zoomed in" effect. And lastly, it sets up a pleasing contrast to vertical subjects. This is evident in Brandon's drawing. His hatching is very meditated and even. The grid, tile-like background adds to the stability of the image.
Diana's drawing illustrates an exploration in technique. Each object has been rendered with a different method adding to the individuality of the forms as well as a textural element.
The tondo format has created a very focused composition in Jill's drawing. It seems to highlight the small water pale in the foreground.
Rachel's drawing has soft light with smooth transitions in tonality indicative of the "stipple" technique.
Ryan has created a tonally rich image with a full range of values and mark-making that addresses light and form.

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