Thursday, March 2, 2017

COMPOSITION: The Distal Cues



Last night the class made drawings employing the Distal Cues (more info on that in the tab above). The objective for these drawings was to create a composition addressing the Distal Cues and touching 3 to 4 edges of the paper. Notice in Dylan's drawing the absence of pure white and black. Working primarily with a midtone value range creates a very unified and calming, somewhat somber atmosphere.
In contrast to Dylan's, Jennifer's drawing is very dynamic with a full range of values and energized and active mark-making accentuating the volume of the forms and suggesting turbulence in the background.
Ryan has very effectively used value for dramatic effect. The objects appear as if they are about to be pushed forward by an incoming dark mass. The dynamics of the values is increased by using extreme contrasts of white and black juxtaposed against each other. The forward thrust is enhanced by the tilt of the cube.

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