Tuesday, February 14, 2017

VALUE: Seeing the Light in White

Last night we started discussing Value: the gradations between light and dark. The objective was to render the categories of light observed on white objects. Emily has very skillfully rendered the value and light patterns with soft, even and gradual transitions from light to dark. In addition, she has energized the form with a zig-zag pattern, indicative of wavelengths or wood grain, in the negative areas.
Jennifer's drawing is more expressive with rapid cross-hatched marks to address the light and value patterns. The tonal shapes are bold and lively adding weight to the cast shadow and propelling the light value of the object forward. Where Emily's drawing is more symbolic or iconic exhibited in an open and undetermined space, Jennifer's drawing, with a background that is more about light than pattern or texture and with the inclusion of the table edge,  presents a sense of the environment surrounding the object.

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