Thursday, January 26, 2017

LINE: Gesture and Volume Techniques

Last night class began with a discussion on Gesture Drawing. Where Contour drawings are single, slow, incisive lines, Gesture drawings are quick, spontaneous and group lines together. Before addressing gestural techniques we made Cross-Contour drawings addressing volume. Cross-contours flow across the typography of a form. The left and right side contours are implied through the repetition of horizontal lines arcing across the form.
Next, we made Continuous Line Drawings. This technique is a bridge between Contour and Gesture. Like Contour, the line addresses the edges of the form but like Gesture the lines are repeated, the largest parts are addressed first moving towards the smaller parts and lastly, the form is rendered transparently. The objective is to avoid "outlining", which is flat and two-dimensional. The gourd above is constructed like a "snowman"; first you make the bottom, then the middle and lastly, the head.
The drawing above is an example of the Scribble Gesture technique. This approach addresses the mass of the form while also illustrating the light. Notice when lines are grouped together they act more like values. Dark lines tend to advance in space where dark values recede.
The Mass technique, like Scribble, addresses the mass and light. The object should appear like a solid, smokey, mass. There should be a sense of weight as well as the light patterns.

We ended the evening with Gesture drawings combining the techniques of Mass and Line. The Line portion captures the structure or armature of the form where the Mass addresses the weight, solidity and light.

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