Monday, October 10, 2016

VALUE: Local Value

Ari McCool

David Covarrubias

Mariah Green
Last Thursday, in preparation for the midterm, the class made small (9 x 12 in.) drawings addressing local values. The objective was to clearly illustrate a light, dark and mid-toned object within the composition. Ari (top) has taken a designed and graphic approach to the still life. The value patterns and objects are boldly rendered in a very playful manner.
 The light and atmosphere are most compelling in David's drawing (middle). The objects and the space are rendered in rich value contrast addressing the local values as well as volume.
Mariah (bottom) has applied a more subtle approach to the light patterns of the objects. The strength of the drawing is the composition. She has very effectively located the objects so as to engage with the edges and the negative space.

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