Friday, August 26, 2016

LINE: Contour

Thursday the class made contour line drawings using graphite pencils as well as ink pens. Contour lines describe the interior and exterior volumes of a form. "Accenting" the line with darker, lighter and broken areas will increase the sense of volume. Accents may address changes in structure, color, texture, light and weight.
Georgia Bourdens
Georgia's drawing of hammers skillfully illustrates all of the qualities mentioned above. The lines are fluid, confident and exhibit a "sense of touch" or 3-dimensionality. In addition, the placement and direction of the hammers has created a sense of falling as well as a spiraling rhythm.
Luke Mello
Luke's drawing exhibits boldly accented areas and confident line quality as well. Furthermore, there is a pleasing balance in the placement of the objects.
Harrison Nixon
Harrison's drawing exhibits a very dynamic and interesting compositional arrangement. The large, overlapping forms are complemented with large open negative areas whereas the small, doodle-like elements on the right side are closer. This arrangement suggests depth with the larger forms advancing and the smaller forms receding.

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