Saturday, March 5, 2016

VALUE: Light and Dark Rhythms

Friday morning began with Value drawings addressing two objects. The objects of Beni's drawing (top) are well proportioned to the paper. The values are rich and the categories of light have been rendered fully contributing to the sense of light and form. In addition, the background is well thought out and provides atmosphere and environment.
The nondescript space of Electra's drawing has a dreamy, surreal quality. The objects are rendered with high contrast tonalities. Her handling of the materials is inventive and skillfully applied. Of particular note is her rendering of the glove. The highlight's and gray tones add to the character of the form.

 In the afternoon, the still life was expanded to five or more objects. Julianna's drawing at the top engages with three edges of the paper enclosing the negative space. The objects are well proportioned and three-dimensional. The line quality is particularly strong. Notice the "accenting" of the contours (thick and thin lines). The values are sparse unifying the objects with the space.
Ray's drawing in contrast has taken a very objective view of the forms and light. He too has enclosed the negative areas. The values are rich and the categories of light are skillfully rendered suggesting light and form as well as addressing the local values of each object. He has clearly illustrated the still life includes white objects, gray objects and black.

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