Thursday, January 28, 2016

LINE: Gestural Method

Last night class began with a slide lecture on Gesture Drawing: the act of quick, spontaneous and all encompassing rendering of an artist's subject. To begin, the class made cross-contour studies.
Graham Metcalfe
Graham has established a slightly downward view of the gourd. Notice how the lines move across the front of the form, bending at the ends to address the way the edges recede. In addition, he has "accented" the ends to suggest the way light is striking the form.
Andrameda Martinez
Next we made Continuous-line drawings. The idea is to use one unbroken line that wraps around the form addressing the exterior edge as well as the cross-contours. Notice in Andrameda's drawing that the cross-contours move vertically as well as horizontally. The thing to remember is how Line illustrates the "structure" of the form.
Joanna Alvarez
Joanna's drawing is an example of the Mass technique. These drawings address the volume and solidity of the form while also illustrating light patterns. Notice how Joanna has used dark values on the shadow side of the form to establish a light source. In addition, the dark values push receding planes back. The examples being the neck and the base of the gourd.

Crysta Maguire
We ended the evening with a drawing emphasizing the negative space: the areas around and within the objects. The drawing above is a group of gourds. The objective of this drawing was to "suggest the objects". In other words, to draw just enough without drawing too much. Take note of the variations in tonalities as well as the lighter and darker marks employed.
Note: Not shown from last night is an example of the Scribble technique and the combined techniques of Line and Mass together.

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