Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TEXTURE: Single Object

Grace Burroughs

Travis Templeman
Last night the class began their investigations in Texture. Two things to keep in mind when making texture drawings 1. You are essentially drawing values and 2. You don't need to draw every single detail. Like all observational drawing, one should capture the elements that are most important to them rather than merely trying to copy the subject. This is the case for Travis' drawing. His subject is a pine cone but he created an interpretation of the pine cone instead of copying it. The solid shapes of value establish a well balanced design. The surface of the drawing has a simulated textural quality representing the end grain of wood or the rings of a tree.
Grace has employed a layering method with her materials. First establishing a base tone with both additive and reductive techniques. Secondly, developing the details with lines and hatch marks.

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