Monday, April 13, 2015


Last Friday the class began working with colored pencils. The first still life arrangement consisted of one die and one ball placed on a letter or number.
Ezra Barbour
The drawing above exhibits a well balanced composition with attention to the left/right placement as well as top/bottom location. In addition, the objects are well proportioned to the paper dimensions. The categories of light have been well addressed resulting in three-dimensional objects with believable sense of mass and weight.
Celindrea Debuck

Dorothy Fast
In the afternoon, students made their own still life arrangements. Celindrea's migrating dinosaurs are very well rendered with light and volume. She has effectively applied the Distal Cues where appropriate.
Dorothy's haunting structure of antlers looming over a figure and die evokes a cold, wintery scene. The tangled structure and cast shadows add to the image's sense of menace. The combination of colors skillfully complements the subject matter.

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