Saturday, March 1, 2014

VALUE: Additive and Reductive Drawing

Gianna Davy
Friday morning began with a still life of two objects. The objective was to work reductively as well as additively. In other words, to use the eraser as a drawing tool. Gianna has very skillfully combined the two techniques. Line and value are unified in their suggestion of volume and depth. Her handling of the space and lighting have effectively created strong atmospheric quality allowing the still life to set into the environment. In addition, the objects are texturally rich clearly expressing the different surfaces.
Kate Donovan
In the afternoon, we added the Distal Cues to our objectives. Kate's drawing is very expressively and painterly in her handling of the materials. Notice how the materials are applied in layered, sweeping motions. The values again are rich and contrasting. Furthermore, she has very effectively used "cropping", engaging with all four sides of the paper. It's subtle but take note of how the values diminish as you move from the ceramic pot in the foreground, to the paint can in the middle and lastly to the chicken feeder in the background.

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