Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LINE: Gesture

Class began with a lecture on mark-making and Gesture Drawing. Due to time constraints we didn't get through all the combinations of Gesture but they are listed above in the LINE tab.
Mersadee Herrin
First we made drawings addressing Cross-Contours. No one has trouble seeing the left and right and top and bottom edges of forms but many have difficulty visualizing the front and back of a form. Cross-contours illustrate the volumes of a form across and/or around a form. Notice in the drawing above how the line quality transitions from dark to light and thick to thin. This suggests a shadow side to the form but also provides a sense of weight.
Daniela Abed
Class ended with a still life arrangement of gourds rendered with the Mass Gesture technique. The Mass technique captures mass and volume of forms but also suggests a sense of light because  the drawing medium is applied tonally in broad, sweeping motions.

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