Saturday, May 11, 2013

5/10 TEXTURE: Single Subject, Continuous Field and Portfolios

Philip Elias
Class began with a lecture on the categories of Texture: 1. Actual 2. Simulated 3. Symbolic 4. Invented. From there the class made single subject studies of variously textured objects. The goal was to render the texture but to also capture the physical character of the form. For instance, Philips drawing of an oyster shell exhibits the hard and rough nature of the shell surface and structure. Throughout the drawing are subtle, hair-line contours and tonalities illustrating the surface and light patterns.
Shae Hudson
In the afternoon, we discussed the compositional strategy of Continuous Field. A continuous field composition is one where the image extends out of the format on all four sides. Shae's drawing of drift wood has taken on a life of its own totally removed from its source. He has created an abstract and distorted image of organic forms sunken into and stretching across a dune-like landscape. The soft touch and subtle transitions in value bring a delicacy to the drawing that is complemented by its 4 x 5 inch dimensions.

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