Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MON 4/8 COLOR PENCILS: Dice and Balls

Steven Freebairn

Elliot Yung
Students began working with colored pencils last night. We had a brief discussion about color and color schemes - standard color combinations. The still life consisted of variously colored combinations of dice, balls and numbers or letters. Both examples here have benefited from the students use of mark-making and layering.
Close observation of Steven's drawing above reveals short, horizontal hatching of white,yellow and blue within the cube. His use of complementary colors in the ground plane allows the colors to stand out while creating a stage-like sense of lighting.
Elliot's drawing has taken the mark-making a step further employing a pattern of radiating hatches around the cross-contours of the ball and wiggly, meandering lines in the ground. He too has used much layering as well as placing a little of all the colors of his palette in all the objects creating a very unified and balanced composition.

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