Thursday, January 24, 2013


Rachel Edelstein
Last night we began our studies of the Gesture approach to drawing. We started with cross-contour drawings like the one above. Note the line quality. Darker accents used on the contours closest to the viewer, then softening as they turn around the form.
Luke Stauffenegger
Next students made continuous line drawings. This techniques establishes an armature like image around the form. Line drawings like this address the structure of a form.

Steven Freebairn

 The drawing above is an example of the scribble gesture technique. This approach establishes mass and volume as well as a sense of light.
Jessica Peters
The mass technique basically captures the mass and weight of the form. Essentially it uses value to describe the form so it captures the light as well. Note how the dark accents in the neck pinch the form whereas the cast shadow anchors the gourd to table.
Steven Freebairn
Class ended with a more complex arrangement of forms with a drawing using the mass technique emphasizing the negative areas of the composition. Remember that the positive areas are the objects whereas the negative areas are the spaces around and within the forms. The objective of this drawing was to suggest the form rather than fully establish it. Notice how the darkest accents move your eye around the composition. In addition, by not enclosing the shapes, the values cross over space and form merging positive with negative.

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