Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TUES. 12/4 The Figure

Dorothy Geiger, 25 min.

Phoebe Kobabe, 25 min.
Students began drawing from the "clothed" model last night. Dorothy's drawing above clearly illustrates her attention to the proportions and relationships of all the parts of the figure. Notice the many axis lines throughout the figure, in particular, the brow ridge, the shoulders and hips. Furthermore, she has addressed major landmark areas and joints with cross contours. It's a very strong "first time" drawing of the model.

Phoebe is more experienced with working from the model. She has quickly rendered the whole figure on the paper noting proportions including the bench supporting the figure. Close inspection reveals her thought process and the subtle adjustments to the forms from her initial layout of the figure. Her loose and rapid sketching in the beginning has allowed her time to render light and shadow as well.

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