Friday, May 4, 2012

THURS. 5/3 The Figure

Nemea Laessig
Last night students made drawings from another drawing that was projected onto a screen. We discussed axis lines and the importance of comparing and contrasting the parts of the body to one another. In the drawing above, it is important to note the arcing nature of the pose as the right hip thrusts outward. Furthermore, one should pay attention to the relationships between foot to elbow, hand to nose, top of head to outstretched hand, etc.

Now when it comes to drawing from other artwork, drawings and paintings in particular, it is important to bring some of yourself to the table. In other words, the objective is not to make a photo copy of the original. Instead, you should interpret the work adding something of your own subjectivity. This could be in materials used, technique or the addition or subtraction of compositional elements. You've got to make it your own.

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