Friday, March 30, 2012

THURS. 3/29 "The Jungle"

Frank Vallin
Students finished up working on their Light and Dark Rhythms drawings a.k.a. "The Jungle". Frank's drawing above beautifully illustrates the wide range of textures inherent to the objects inhabiting his still life. Furthermore, this drawing exhibits a very strong rhythm starting with the repeating and overlapping curls found in the placement of the claw forms. This is followed by the repetition and triangulation of the artichoke flowers. And lastly, the placement of the antlers. The textures are enhance by a full and rich range of values. Of particular note is Frank's use of cast shadows to create depth. In addition, the continuity and similarity of the objects adds a very strong "sense of place", something one might find on the outside wall of a cabin in the woods.

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