Thursday, February 2, 2012

WED. 2/1 IDEAL SOLIDS: Creating Spatial Depth

Dayana Leon
Wednesday night began with a discussion on Distal Ques; a series of strategies for creating depth within the field. The list contains 1. Atmospheric Perspective: objects in the foreground exhibit sharp, crisp edges and details, vibrant, rich colors and values all of which diminish as the objects recede into the background. 2. Proportion and Scale: objects become smaller as they recede towards the horizon line. 3. Location: objects lower on the picture plane appear to be closer where objects higher up appear to be farther away. 4. Overlap and Diagonals: when one form is behind another foreground and background have been established; diagonals suggest depth due to "location", point A is lower, point B is higher. 5. Value: dark values recede; light values advance.

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