Friday, January 20, 2012

THURS. 1/19 LINE: Contour

Frank Vallin
For our first drawing session students made Contour studies of tools and random machined parts. The Contour approach employs a single, incisive line that defines interior volumes as well as exterior volumes. This is not "outlining" which only defines exterior volumes as seen in silhouettes. Contour drawing strengthens "eye-hand" coordination.  The aim is to be drawing exactly what you are seeing at that moment.  Don't let your eye move faster than your hand. Line as an element can define structure, color, texture, weight and light. Note in the drawing above that line not only defines and encloses the form but also addresses the changes in textures as in the hammer handle. IMPORTANT: Contour drawings have no tonal areas (i.e. no shading).

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