Sunday, December 4, 2011


The work listed below must be presented in a portfolio (cardboard or tote style). Work MUST be presented in a professional manner (i.e. no tears, folds or rolled drawings).  Drawings must be spray fixed. Portfolios that are poorly organized will be down graded or rejected.
1. Ideal Solids (composition only)
2. Subjective Value (abstract face)
3. Value Patterns (paper cut-outs)
4. Value Reduction (black/white)
5. Modeling (bottle, cup, etc.)
6. Rendering Light (single directional hatch or scribble)
7. Perspective (imaginary space and blocks)
8. Midterm Drawing
9. Ink (flattening the picture plane)
10. Texture ( jungle)
11. Large Color
12. Portraits (self and classmate)
13. Division of Field (finished drawing)

14. All homework (8 total)
Sketch books will be reviewed in class. Do not tear out pages.
15 DHR

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