Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TUES. 11/22 Self-Portraits

We began with a planar analysis of the face.  Planes are important because 1. they reveal the structure of form and 2. they establish how and where values will be applied. The process for a planar drawing is to flatten all curved edges into straight lines.  Imagine what a face would look like if you constructed it out of pieces of cardboard or wood.  All the planes should be isolated like a puzzle.
Christiane Belle

Leah Leahy
After the warm-up students made drawings using their medium of choice. Although Christiane's drawing is unfinished, it is conceptually interesting.  It appears to be part of a series based on "See No Evil, etc." Leah's drawing like Christiane's fills the page well and exhibits a strong sense of volume.

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