Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Weeks "Jungle" Series

Here is very exciting drawing for Alissa Griffin. Notice how she has used the eraser around the circular forms creating an animated and radiating effect much like Van Gogh's technique with his brushstrokes.  This drawing exhibits a nocturnal light quality.

Mariah Cortez Harvey's drawing is a densely packed space of variously textured and shaped objects. She has created a subtle criss-cross composition by jamming the upper left and lower right corners with objects and using white areas in the upper right and lower left.  In addition, she has placed unexpected elements throughout the composition. Look for the eyes.

Michelle Phillips (Art 7B) has created a very dynamic and rhythmical composition.  Her placement of the checkered corner moves the "eye" in a triangular fashion around the space while the diagonally positioned forms creates a path of shoots and ladders.

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