Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tues. and Wed. Jan 25 & 26 LINE: Contour

From Gesture we move to Contour Studies.  After the slide discussion, students made contour studies of tools and various hardware-like objects.  Like Gesture, Contour develops eye - hand coordination but it is the exact opposite of Gesture.  Contour is a slow, single , incisive line that defines interior volumes as well as exterior volumes.  Gesture too addresses these volumes but it is quick, spontaneous and uses multiple lines. 
Hollister Nadeau's (above) drawing exhibits strong, confident contours with the inclusion of textural elements that add character and ornamentation to the image.  Carlos Gutierrez's (below) drawing is a densely, layered space of compositions stacked on one another.  His contours are also very confidently drawn emphasizing the depth and dimensionality of the tools by accenting.  In other words, he has used bolder, darker lines for the parts that advance towards us and lighter lines for the parts that recede away from us.

 Ashley Washburn's drawing exhibits very good accenting but the best part of the drawing is her layering and transparency effects. I'm addressing the hammer on the left.  The success of this effect lies in the line technique itself complemented by her accenting and changing mediums.  Brennon Hedman's drawing (below) is a beautifully composed image revealing the power of scale change and overlapping forms.  Even with the packed in objects, the image remains clear and the line is confident and strong.

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