Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/8 Combined Viewpoints

Students continued working on combined viewpoints project.  As a reminder here are the directions.
After completing the line drawings on tracing paper, arrange and collage the drawings into an interesting and dynamic form or composition.  You are not required to use all the sketches.  Furthermore, you may tear and cut them into new pieces as well. The final image may be 1.) a compression of space as in Cubist works or 2.) a Surrealist inspired work where the object metamorphoses into something fantastic.  Referring to the collaged sketches, draw your sketch onto 18 x 24 in. drawing paper.  You may add or subtract lines and shapes as needed. All concepts discussed in class should be addressed for an above average grade.

A. Composition: foreground and background
B. Line Quality: thick/ thin, swelled lines
C. Value: light and volume as well as establishing mood.
D. Texture: variations on object and surroundings
E. Color (optional): color scheme

The drawings below are examples of two variations on this project.  The top drawing exhibiting a dense, claustrophobic rendering of the entangled objects whereas the bottom drawing illustrates the process of metamorphosis.

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