Friday, November 19, 2010

11/17 Atmospheric Perspective and Developing Space

Wednesday we revisited the concept of Atmospheric Perspective.  Previously, we had applied the concept to the still life.  Wednesday we addressed its application to create a sense of space.  If you remember, the basic qualities of atmospheric perspective are the separation of foreground, middle ground and background.  Values, textures and colors are rich, sharp and detailed in the foreground and progressively diminishing as you move towards the background.  The assignment was to draw the hallways of Analy Hall but rather than merely illustrate linear perspective, the students were instructed to be more subjective with the space and lighting conditions.  Tyler Martinez's drawing above exhibits a deep sense of space while his use of concave, contour lines evokes a more animated and surreal hallway rather than the sterile, bathroom like environment that exists in reality.

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