Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/5 & 5/6 Division of the Field

Students completed their large scale drawings investigating the Division of the Field. This drawing by Stephanie Mezzanato exhibits a left to right dominance and repeating squares and rectangles.  The pictures in the display case establish a "grouping" while relating to the extinguisher and the walls even with the diagonal bottom. In addition, the textural rendering on the back wall is very nicely done.
Xoe Huffman's drawing is texturally rich combining a mix of patterns and shapes while maintaining a more abstracted rendering of the space.  The tonalities and depth in the frieze are beautifully achieved. This composition also exhibits a left to right movement with the left side establishing foreground moving back into the right.
This stunning drawing from Kate Picchi exhibits a right to left movement back in space.  This is reinforced by the diagonal suggested through the garbage can to the hinges on the door and finally leading up the stairs by way of the railing.  In addition to the strong composition, the line quality and tonalities are very complementary both adding dimension and atmosphere to the image.  This drawing also makes use of atmospheric perspective by leading us from the classroom (foreground) to the hallway (middle ground) and finally up the stairs (background).

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  1. Super drawing by Kate and wonderfully evocative critique of it.